the perfect wife
The perfect wife is a perfect crime thriller read which will hook you up to read till the climax
The perfect wife

Hi friends, today I am going to review one of the mystery thriller book “The Perfect wife” by Blake Pierce. Have you ever Although I found the title and cover of the book interesting but the book was at sale as free in kindle hence couldn’t resist buying.

Before reading the book, I never knew that Blake Pierce was such a renowned author and has around 85 titles in his name within the short span of 5 years. Thats marvellous! Now coming to the review of the book.


Have you ever thought what could be the psychology of serial killers? What could be the thing that would bring them to serial killing? In this materialistic world, can someone whom you trust the most backstab you?


The story starts with Jessica Hunt, a psychology student, who moves from LA to Westport Beach. Accompanying her is Kyle Moss who works with wealth management firm and her husband. Kyle has a friend Teddy, who is staying along with his wife and a son just 3 blocks near their new house.

Teddy, introduces Kyle and Jessica to a club called Club Deseo. All the couple staying near the orange county Westport Beach were mostly members of this club. However Jessie found something unsual about this club. Jessie being a psychology student wanted to complete her studies of psychology. Her practicals involved taking interview of serial killers and psychopaths. She got in touch with one of the professors in her college Mr. Hosta who had agreed to it. This professor was in link with NRD, a place where serial killers are kept for profiling.

Nonetheless, Jessie felt uncomfortable at the new place and found strange things happening in neighbours house for once she was reprimanded also.

Finally she was selected to visit NRD. On her visit she asked for an interview of a psychopath called Bolton Crutchfield, the most dangerous and manipulator psychopath. Jessie had a haunted past so she is on medication too. During these interviews, she found that Crutchfield knew many personal things about Jessica to her surprise.

Meanwhile Jessie was stuck up in an incident during the party in the club. She was very upset about it as she and Kyle had just joined the club though reluctantly.

Is Jessica hallucinating things about the club and its foul play or its really something fishy about the club? How Crutchfield knows about the past of Jessica which is only known to her?


The Perfect wife plot is interesting and fast paced moving from criminal interrogation to club activities and then Jessica’s personal life. I was hooked by the book and read it in within 24 hours to know the climax of the story. Story is well drafted but again I think the author has lined up sequel to it and hence completed this story on a lighter note.

Should you read it?

I would recommend this book who really like to read crime thrillers and mysteries. People who like dark novels would also like the story.

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