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Welcome friends and today I am presenting you Breathe 2 review which is currently streaming in Amazon Prime. Though the original name is Breathe – Into the Shadows and this one is the 2nd season of earlier web series titled Breathe.


The series includes an ensemble cast of Abhishek Bachchan, Nithya Menon, Amit Sadh, Child artist Ivana Kaur, Saiyami Kher, Hrishikesh Joshi, Resham Shrivardhan, Shrikant Verma and Plabita Borthakur

Breathe 2 Review


The story is about a psychiatrist Avinash Sabarwal (Bachchan) practicing in Gurugram and his wife Abha Sabharwal (Menon) who is a chef. They both love their 6-year-old daughter Siya (Ivana Kaur) who is kidnapped when she attends a birthday party of one of her friends. A few days before a similar kidnapping of a girl has happened of a medical student named Gayatri (Shrivardhan).

Both Avi and Abha complained to the police but they don’t get any ransom call or details about their daughter for 9 months. Both lose hope about Sia’s survival as she required insulin at regular intervals.

After 9 months, one fine day a courier drops which contains painting and an Ipad showing a video of their daughter along with a young girl and trapped in one room. However, she is playing with the girl and then a voice interrupts. This is the voice of the kidnapper who first apologizes for not contacting them for 9 months and then gives them one task.

The task he mentions is to make angry Mr. Pritpal Singh ane eventually kill him. Dr. Avi tracks the man and kills the person in hope of daughter arriving back but then a second courier comes with another task of killing another author but before killing her the person should be seduced.

Similar instances happen but Siya isn’t back to her home and instead, now Dr. Avi and Abha are trapped because now they cant go to Police.

On the other side, immediately after the 1st killing, Inspector Kabir Sawant (Sadh) is back to resume his duties as he was imprisoned for a case for 6 months. He is transferred to Delhi this time and his subordinate Inspector Prakash (Joshi) too takes a voluntary transfer to accompany him. Kabir is handed over the case of 1st killing where he find certain clues. During his interrogation, he takes help of Dr. Avi to understand the psychology behind the murder.

As the series of murder happens in the city, each murder is connected with the Ravana ten heads where each head represents an emotion just like anger, lust, fear, etc. Inspector Kabir tries to understand the pattern of the killings. However, there is a psychological angle connected to the murders which is not disclosed to avoid spoilers.

The series revolves around the investigation about the murder with Sawant playing cat and mouse race with the killer? Also, the story moves flashback to Avi’s school and college days when he was studying in Nainital.

Will Siya come back home and the kidnapper will be caught? Why is kidnapper making Avi and Abha to kill and not asking money in return? Is he taking some revenge? For answers, you need to go and watch the series


I would say the director has does a tremendous job to extract the performance from his cast. Amit Sadh, as a tough cop, is at top-notch and he is bulked up this time as compared to the Breathe 1. Nithya Menon as a chef and a helpless mother is believable. Little Ivana has limited screen space.

The maximum space is allocated to Abhishek Bachhan and I felt this time he has done better than any of his previous movies except Guru. Most of the time his subtle calmness had worked on the screen as Dr. Avi. However, it is the other part which is played so well that it makes you believe. I am sure after this series, people will adore Abhishek for this role.


Mayank Sharma has earlier directed the 1st part and this one too is directed by him. The narrative of both the series remains the same that how far a parent will go to save his/her child. The pace of the series is a bit slow after the initial 9 months which is quickly passed in 1st episode itself.

There were unnecessary characters introduced like Meghna( played by Borthakur) and Inspector Zeba which I think didn’t add value to the story.

The show runs for 12 episodes of 40 minutes and story after 7 episodes goes off slowly. I think they could have edited better and cut short to 9 episodes.


Overall the series is watchable for the mystery crime thriller part. You could be intrigued to know why this kidnapping and murder from 2nd episode apart from some good performance by the cast. The show is watchable with family as there are no uncensored words/dialogs which is the norm these days in the OTT platform.

So let me know your views on review for Breathe 2 review by comments and likes.

Star rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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