If you get a chance to change your career, what would you like to do? Awesome read

What if you get a chance to change your career
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WOW! What if this becomes a reality and you are given a chance to change your career? This is because not everybody likes his/her career graph. Someone had a bad day at the office, someone is deprived of his bonus to someone is waiting for payment from his client.

Well I go to write this topic now because a few days I met with my school friend and we started discussing memories of our days. We used to play and prank so much but during this conversation he asked me that I could have been someone else if I would have taken a right decision.

This made me think of the the possibilities I could have been in an alternative career. However the thought forced me to think that like me there would be many people who would have different ambitions but landing up same routine.

Your job becomes your Identity

Yes this is true that our job becomes our identity even though we are not aware but our subconscious mind has accepted this.

But isn’t it strange that our work becomes our identity in long run. You are no longer identified as a person but recognized through your profession. Though you will be called by your name but still if someone has to remember you then they identify with your profession. For e.g if you introduce yourself to a stranger, you introduce yourself as Mr. XYZ, partner Deloitte or Director ABC company.

A similar identity change underwent in my career. I was a graduate had 4 years of experience working in industry but after I passed out my Chartered Accountant, I was suddenly a changed person in the eyes of society. People started to associate me with Accountants and many people keep asking me about the Taxation and accountancy questions. It felt good but in the journey I realized that over time your work becomes your identity.

Are you in the wrong JOB?

But how many of you think that the paths you have chosen was a wrong decision? You think “may be if you would have taken some brave decisions at the right time then you never know you could be one of the influential figures in the society”.

I had this feeling sometimes that during my high school and college days, I was an excellent cricket player. Infact I was enrolled to cricket academy in stadium but left very quickly because of some financial problems. If I would have continued to slog for my goal then I could have been a player. Though I was an average student in academics but post my cricket passion fizzle out I concentrated on my academics more.

But then everyone has a problem in their life and Heroes are those who overcome these challenges come out victorious. When I see examples like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Sehwag and many other such guys then they all were from humble background. Not only this, a guy called Yashasvi Jaisal who played Under 18 tournament for India left his home and selling pani puris for his survival.

But what made them success is their passion for the game and will to succeed which I think was missing in me. Infact I still considered myself as a mediocre person who is running to make ends meet.

If given a chance what would I would like to choose as a career?

As I said, I would love to be a cricketer playing for the country Or atleast play a tournament like Indian Premier League (For money purpose) so that I could be famous and rich. But for being such a player not only you need passion but a commitment and dedication to stick to your goal which was definitely missing in me. Thankfully I applied this virtues in achieving my Chartered Accountancy degree. So with gods grace and my family support I am in a fairly placed position and career.

But What would you would like to become if given a chance to calibrate your career ? Or you guys are satisfied with whatever you have achieved? Are you still are passionate for something and waiting for the right moment to accept the call.

Do let me know your views and comments about your career and I will include that in my blog which will be a continued version of this one?

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