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Chetan Bhagat new novel

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Welcome to the Book Review of Chetan Bhagat new novel “The Girl in Room no 105”.

While I am not a big fan of Chetan Bhagat books, but during this lockdown I found this book in kindle in discount so thought to give it a read. Of late Chetan Bhagat’s books were very monotonous because of the same story line and couple of them objectifying woman. But this book was something different from his earlier works because this involves a suspense angle to it.

So first thing first, the book is bit long compared to his earlier books. For the first few pages I thought the story belongs to the romance genre and was bit put off. Slowly the novel was interesting as the plot unfolded.


The plot revolves around the girl called Zara who was in love with a Brahmin guy Keshav. Keshav was an IITian but was working with one of the coaching class as tutor. He joined tutor job so that he could be near to Zara. As both of them were of different caste and culture, families of both were against their marriage and hence they broke off.

While Zara moved on and got engaged to Raghu, who was successful with a million dollar startup. Keshav still couldnt com to terms and was madly in love with Zara. Infact he used to call her even after breakup on few special occasions and Zara used to ignore him or handover call to Raghu.

It was birthday of Zara and on the night of her birthday, Keshav received a message from Zara that she was upset as he didnt wished her. Also she said that she was missing him and want him to come back. Keshav being madly in love, straight away went to her room no 105 in Hostel. As soon as he wishes her, he finds Zara is dead. From there on, the story moves to find the cause of death of Zara.

Whether Zara was murdered? Whether it was suicide? All this is what you think while going through the story.

Recommendation for Chetan Bhagat new novel

This Chetan Bhagat new novel is definitely different from his earlier books and he has done a great job in writing this novel. Though the start is slow but the story picks up once the Zara’s death scene is on.

I would definitely recommend this book to the readers who enjoy suspense and mystery plot. The plot was engaging and entertaining.

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