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Hello Friends and how are you today. Today’s read is about a place which is the city of my dreams. And I am lucky to get an opportunity to visit the city in my lifetime.

Yes, I am talking about none other than the most romantic place on the earth i,e. Paris, the capital of France, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

Introduction – City of dreams

This happened when I was been deputed for an audit for one of the firms handled by me. Guess what, I was been sent in the coldest months in Paris i.e. February. So coming back to Travel, the city is great with all its infrastructure and environment. Not only that people meet with each other with so warmth that you instantly connect with the city.

The only major difficulty I faced during my stay and interaction is the language. Though most of the people speak English many people prefer talking French. So it happened like before speaking to anyone, I need to ask “English?” and if they say yes then I proceed further otherwise I need to cut it then and there.

Places I visited – City of Dreams

I was usually busy on weekdays so I got the opportunity only on weekends. On the very first Saturday, I decided to visit couple of places. My French office colleague advised me to visit the below places.

Louvre- Museum – City of Dreams

Louvre is the world’s famous museum and should be in you must-visit list. The world-famous painting Monalisa is put up at Louvre. Not only museum but the conical cube at the outside of Louvre is also worth watching for. As it was my first day of visit and that too alone, I decided to visit this museum first and Caroussel du Louvre which was at the walking distance from the Museum. I got a bit tired visiting this hence decided to conclude the day.

How to reach – Take any metro and get down at Louvre Rivoli or Musee-de- Louvre both in yellow line.

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Day 2 – Eiffel Tower and Other places

As I was visiting Paris, I uploaded my status on Facebook and it happened that one of my school friends was also put up in Greece and was visiting Paris on Sunday which was my day 2 of the weekend. So we met on Saturday night and planned to visit the whole of Paris. It’s great when you get your close friend accompanying you to visit the unknown city.

We started our day visiting Notre-dame, a medieval catholic church. Next to it, we went to Palais Garnier which included a theatre where various shows are held. The theatre was a really good piece of architecture. Till the time we checked these places, it was close to 2 pm and we were craving food like anything.

Post lunch we started again and left for Eiffel Tower which was a bit far from where we were now. We took the metro and got down at the station. Eiffel tower was visible from the metro itself as we reached near to our destination.

You have two options to visit the top of the Eiffel tower. Either you walk the step or take an elevator. There were charges for the elevator but I think its worth it. The queue for the Elevator was quite long but we have decided to go through this mode. Till the time we have been called, there was a bit of darkness. The Eiffel Tower was illuminated after the sunset and trust me its worth the sight.

It was not over yet as just next to Eiffel there is a boat ride available. We decided to take a boat ride which included a guide but we couldn’t hear anything as the temperature dropped drastically and we were almost numb. But worth experiencing it.

Metro to reach Eiffel Tower- There are various stations connected to Eiffle Tower so you need to check the map and your location to decide which metro line will take you there.

Weekend 2 – Day 3 – City of Dreams

After Eiffel, I had busy weekdays and again on Saturday, I visited one of the places which were on the other side of Paris. The place of attraction is the Palace of Versailles which is a world heritage site. Luckily along with me one of my office colleagues decided to visit the place along with her daughter. So we three of us started the journey to the palace of Versailles. However the metro station connected to the Palance is station Rive Gauche.

It was raining heavily as we started but after we reached the palace the rain stopped however clouds were still hovering. We took our entry tickets and took a tour of the palace. As the place is far away from Paris city, you need to take off a day to visit. Behind the palace, it has a garden and a beautiful lake to sneak into. Check out the pictures.

Weekend 2 Day 4- City of Dreams

On the next day, I visited another place which was far from Paris. It is a beautiful island which I think every person who visits Paris must visit. The name of the island is Mont Saint Michelle. The island is located around the northern region of France.

It is one of the most visited sites in France and is regarded as a UNESCO heritage site. I booked a return ticket online for Mont Saint Michelle. The journey took around 2.5 -3 hrs by TGF train from Montparnasse station in Paris. There is a bus shuttle from Rennes station to the island. The ticket cost around 70 EUROs inclusive of a bus trip.

The place has a castle surrounded by the water from all sides but connected by the bridge. The breeze was so ferocious there that people used to get push by it. But it was an awesome experience visiting there.

Weekday – Day 5- City of Dreams

This time I tried to visit one of the places on a weekday as my office colleague insisted to visit so. Yes it was another gem called Montmartre. It is a large hill around 130m height and there are steps and elevator options to reach till there.

On top of the hill is a white-domed church named The Basilica of Sacre-Coeur. Usually, it is good to visit this place in the daytime but I could only reach this place after sunset as I started the journey after my office hours.

The view is spectacular as you can see the whole of Paris city from the top. I think it is worth to visit this place once.

City of Dreams

Metro to reach- There are various routes to reach Montmartre. Check out the RER metro map.

Day 6 – City of Dreams- Disney land

This was the last day of my travel as the very next day I had my flight back to Mumbai. So initially I thought to go to Strasbourg but I couldn’t fetch the ticket making me change the plan and I proceeded towards Disneyland. Disneyland is at Marne-la-Vallee which was the next station to my hotel. There was a shuttle running from my hotel so I quickly boarded the bus towards Disney Land

I could get entry around 12.30 pm due to my last-minute plans but I would suggest you go as early around 8.30 am. Disney land is quite huge so ideally you won’t be able to complete the tour in a single day. I would share separately how to visit Disneyland in my other post.

However the one famous ride Indiana Jones, a roller coaster, had a long queue with waiting time around 150 minutes so I decide to ditch this ride. The rest all was perfect. Another adventure Walt Disney Racer was good to raise adrenaline. A 3D ride Rataoutuille is again one of the attractions to be visited.

Things to take care

Friends, overall the trip to Paris was awesome. The only thing that bothered me during the whole trip was food. As I am a hardcore vegetarian I was struggling to get vegetarian food in most of the restaurants. For those who are even eggetarians, they won’t face any difficulty.

List of things to carry

  1. Definitely carry jackets and sweaters. Dont forget to carry an umbrella as the weather in Paris is highly unpredictable.
  2. One day it could be raining and 2nd day you could see the sun shining brightly.
  3. I was staying far from the city so finding an Indian restaurant was a challenge for me. I would recommend staying near Paris city so that you are not deprived of your favorite cuisines.
  4. Lastly, learn one word to say to Parisians – “Bon Jour”

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