Using your time wisely. Compounding time
Compounding time

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I know everyone has learnt the concept “Compounding” and Time” in their high school Maths so you would be thinking whats here to learn. But those topics were separately taught to you guys. This topic explains us the meaning of how Compounding Time makes a big difference in one’s life.

What is Compounding?

Compounding is a process in which the earnings i.e. interest from the asset is reinvested to earn more interest. Formula for compounding is A=P+(1+r/n)n. But there is no such fixed formula for Compounding time.

Everyone knows about the power of compounding interest in real life and the gains it gives you financially. But have anyone thought about the compounding the most important resource in our life which is irreversible if wasted and that resource is “TIME”

We have all got the same number of hours in a day then how come one person achieves so much and the other just manages through the day. If you read the biographies of top performers, leaders, world class revolutionaries then you will notice that most of them have one quality which paid them greatly. The quality which I am describing here is investment of Time. Investment of time in those activities which increased their knowledge, creativity and energy. This activity is called compounding time.

Current Example

Lets take a very recent success example – the current captain of Indian cricket team – Mr. Virat Kohli.

If you see his statistics before 2012, you would have judged that he is just another player. No one would have imagined that this Delhi lad would be compared with the great Sachin Tendulkar.

So what urged Kohli to do post 2012 which changed his fortunes? Well, in one of the interviews, Kohli has himself admitted that it is after IPL 2012 he started to look after his fitness seriously. Before that he never used to pay attention about his eating or working habits.

For the reason I am posting his statistics since he is been associated with International cricket.


So if you see the average since 2012,except 2015 his average in ODI is never below 55 and look at the strike rate at which he was playing in those innings, most of the time its above 95. That shows the level of fitness he has achieved to improve his performance.

Inspite of being such a busy schedule, Virat instilled a habit of looking after his fitness which not only improved his health but has impacted greatly to his career. Virat has agreed that investing in his fitness was the best investment for his career.

But compounding time doesn’t increases our time balance even if we invest time whereas compounding interest increases money if invested ?

Definitely time investment does not increases our time, we still get the 24 hours which we used to get before but the returns we get is not increase in time but improvement in performance.

Similarly if you need to write a book of 150 pages so your action plan would be take a laptop, open a wordpad and start typing your ideas in it. Now it is very tough to sit at one go and write 150 pages. Even great authors take time to write a book. So how do they achieve writing the book?

It is only writing a page, few words daily that help them to put their ideas in 150 pages. They first put their ideas in one place. Then those ideas are further edited, reviewed and a final manuscript is ready. This version is further drilled to become a complete book. Not at one stretch. Slowly word by word and page by page, the book gets completed.

You guys can use the process of compounding time in your daily life. Just try to include 15 minutes a day for your hobby, passion or health. Just 15 minutes. You are giving then close to 2 hours a week to an activity which you were just thinking to do. 7.5 hours in a month and 90 hours in a year which counts for 8 days in a year.

Even such a small contribution of time will help you get the results. Not only this but this exercise will slowly force you to cut the non productive time like checking unnecessary emails, whatsapp time, Facebook time. This might further motivate you to put more time and achieve what you desire for.


Hence to conclude this writeup, I would suggest that you should try this activity from today onwards. The power of compounding time lies in your hands now. Use it or waste it.

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