Welcome to my page and today I am going to review the Famous author Durjoy Datta latest book titled “Wish I Could Tell You”

About the Author

Durjoy is an Indian Author whose writes mostly related to love genre and most of his works are best selling novels. He is very famous among teen readers.

I have read one of his previous novel “When Only Love Remains” which was again a book in romance genre. The story of this one is amazing too.

Coming to review of “Wish I Could Tell You”, this one is a complete opposite in terms of blending of characters, sequence of the story and the romantic take as compared with his previous book above.


The story is about the girl Anusha and guy Ananth who both work on Wedonate.com. (a crowdfunding organisation) but at different times. Anusha is heartbroken and sees world in a negative aspect whereas Ananth is completely different. However there are 2 more important characters in the story Gautam and Mohini and how these 2 characters are blended with Anusha and Ananth is something worth to read. Anusha is interested in working for entertainment project whereas Ananth is more inclined towards working for charity. Both are placed in departments which is opposite to their preferences. Anusha is looking for cause worthwhile to raise fund for but Ananth believes that any cause is worth funding however small it is.

The story runs from them joining the organisation to visiting their respective families and how their families too get entangled in all this job. Whether Anusha fells in love with Ananth? Will Ananth confess love to Anusha? What has Gautam and Mohini got to do with Anusha and Ananth? Answer to all these question forms the mainstay.

Plot Analysis – The story start slows and takes time to build the character but that’s how Durjoy’s style of writing is. There is no chapter wise index but every topic is written from a character’s point of view. The story will keep you hooked to the book because the suspense element is retained till the end. I got confused between the characters in mid level but as you read you understand the plot. I feel the book concluded on an open note and think the author needs to pen down the part 2 of this story.


The book conveys message about people who through their experiences develop notion about the world but sometimes an entry of some person in one’s life is like a breathe of fresh air. And then the whole world seems to be good and life worth living.

Recommendation – I would recommend this book strictly to them who love reading pure romantic novels without the spice of sex or glamour. The story as mentioned is incomplete and should surely have a second part to it. Overall good to read once.

Durjoy Datta Latest book
Book Review- Durjoy Datta

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