If given a time travel, then which event you would like to witness? Worth reading

Time Travel – This is one of the topic which really intrigues me. I think what if I get a chance to travel time and witness something historic.

We are already witnessing a Pandemic now which could be a wish for someone in the future to visit this time and see how we have locked us in our homes to save our lives.

But coming back to the topic, I often wonder what would it like if i get a chance to time travel. Shall i go in future and check the technological changes and how our earth will look like? Will there be flying cars? Would robots replace humans?

Or how it would be like to time travel back and witness something historic so that the memories of it remain all over my lifetime.

I always felt that our ancestors were far happy than us because of non existence of technology. So going in future didn’t excited me reason being people will be more depressed and mean. So If I get a chance to time travel, I will definitely witness a historic event.

Now comes the important question that which event would you like to be present. I am very fond of our culture and mythology so I decided that I would like to witness the advice that Lord Krishna gave to Arjun on the battle field of Kurukshetra.

Time Travel,

Yes, I would like to witness this event because the knowledge of Geeta Saar was imparted to Arjun by Lord Krishna. As Arjun was reluctant to fight against his own cousins, teacher and respected elders so he thought of not picking the weapon.

But Krishna wanted Arjun to fight this war because it was not a war between cousins but it was a war between right and wrong, between justice and injustice.

Not only Lord Krishna explained the reason for war but also present the Virat Roop (Divine and almighty) avatar to Arjun. Seeing this Arjun was petrified and asked Lord Krishna to come to his original himself. During this knowledge the whole world was freezed.

During this time only, Sanjay, the friend and charioteer of King Dridhrashtra, was awarded the divine vision by Ved Vyas so that he could narrate the happenings in the Kurukshetra war to him. Due to this, apart from Arjun, only Sanjay could witness the ultimate view of Lord Krishna.

What a wonderful experience it would be to see the Lord himself explaining the justice and injustice. To witness the lord in his divine abode. And to check the might Arjuna who was the best archer in the whole world.

Not only this, it would be great to check the attire, the talks (of course if you know the sanskrit) and the mannerisms of these heroes. I mean it would be one of a lifetime experience to witness that.

Do you know in this war of Kurukshetra almost whole of India was fighting. It is said that half of the male population in this war has laid their lives. The war continued till 17 days and had come to its climax on 18th day.

At the end of war, Pandavas won the battle and proceeded towards Hastinapura. The message this event gave us that War for any thing is the last option. We should always work out the way which in inclined towards Peace.

So this is my thoughts on time travel. I am sure you guys would also like to experience or witness an event which could not only excite you but last during your lifetime. If that is the case then let me know your views in the comment section and I will respond to it surely.

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