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Increase traffic to your website

The reason you have clicked in this post assures me that you are definitely looking for traffic for your website. And you will get traffic by following this simple tips. So do you want to know how to increase traffic to your website/blog? Here we go?

Increase traffic to your website-Write great content

There is no substitute for writing great content. I would suggest you content should be top notch. Choose the topic which you think are best in. It could be anything from you passion to movie review, your lifestyle, hobby and I mean anything which you want to tell to the world. Assume that you are keeping your viewpoint to the person who is next to you.

Increase traffic to your website – Research your keyword

Once you have decided what topic to be written, the next step would be to decide the keyword in that topic. Why keyword? This is because when you submit the topic then keyword is the thing which will be searched by the viewers.

For e.g if you write about digital marketing tips, then you can search in google keyword planner or other keyword planner websites about the word “digital marketing” or similar word. So the next time someone searches about digital marketing then your page will get also indexed by Google.

Increase traffic to your website – Install a suitable SEO plugin

After the initial two steps, you should have a SEO in your app/plugin in your website so that it can assist your in optimising your article/ page. There are lots of SEO tools available in the market for e.g Yoast, AHREF, Rankmath, etc. SEO tools also advice you about the content length, outbound links and image optimisation.

Increase traffic to your website – Market your website/article

After the writeup, ensure you share the article in social websites like facebook, whatsapp, viralbee content, etc. Also ask your friends and relatives to share the content with their contact. Multiple hands are better than single hand so be a little pushy this time. After all when your friends will be helpful?

Increase traffic to your website –Paid ads to market your website

Have you heard about Google ads? If yes then its great but if no then check out this link. Google ads are great medium to market your blog/website. You need to register and place an ad in Google. Apart from ads, Google adwords have tools which can help you to identify the potential of your ad and keywords. You can also have paid ads in Facebook to improve your traffic.

Increase traffic to your website – Networking with your contemporaries

Networking, this is such a magical word and is a sure shot formula for a successful business. You need to identify your peers and contemporaries who have similar kind of site/blog as yours. Check with them for backlinks. Write for them as a guest blogger or invite them to write them for you. Take their interviews and announce it in the social media.

Host a contest/freebies

Giving away freebies like announcing the contest and giving freebies to winners is something you can think of. Also if your article is about some course then you can suggest the reader to provide the feedback to offer some other course in return for there feedback. These are some of the tips to attract visitors.

Every writer has its own style of writing and marketing its products so there is not limit for you guys to think out of the box solutions for your blog/website. Once you are in the mode then you dont need to see any article which says “how to increase traffic to your website”.

With all this, I would love to hear from you if any of this tips work for you. Meanwhile you can check my other blogs below

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