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Hundred Web series

Hi, Today I am going to review another show which is streaming in Disney Hotstar that is called “Hundred web series. Though I was reluctant to watch the show initially, but in this COVID boredom, I couldn’t get anything better to watch.

Hundred- Cast

Lara Datta, Rinku Rajguru, Sudhanshu Pandey, Karan Wahi,Parmeet Sethi, Rajeev Siddhartha and Makarand Deshpande

Hundred – The Plot

The story starts from Netra (Rajguru) dreaming about holidaying in Switzerland with her boyfriend. Soon she is woken up and back to in her chawl in Mumbai. She is working in a Census department and is only the bread earner of her family.

She experiences frequent headaches so she decides to take test in which she is diagnosed with Tumour and gets to know that she only has HUNDRED days to live. She is depressed, wants to meet her boyfriend to fulfill her wishes like drinking in a bar, going to switzerland having sex, etc.

She goes to Bar to drink but at the same time she is been confronted by ACP Soumya(Lara Datta) who had a tip that a girl is to visit a bar and mistakenly identifies Netra as a criminal. On clarification, Netra is been dropped home by ACP in her car where Netra confesses her ordeal and her wish list too.

ACP Soumya promises Netra to fulfill her wishes if she becomes her informer. Netra agrees and does as per the plan of ACP.

On the other side, ACP Soumya is miffed from his boss Comm. Goswami (Sethi) who always think ACP as the poster girl of the Police dept. He is a good friend of Pravin Tambe (Sudhanshu Pandey) who is commissioner of Narcotics Dept, Mumbai, and also the husband of ACP Soumya.

ACP Soumya is no goddess either as she is having a clandestine affair with Maddy (Wahi) and an informer of hers.

The story progresses to bust one racket who sells human organs so ACP deploys Netra as a donor who sells her kidney and gets the money. At the same time, the people involved in the racket get arrested by the Police. However the plans of ACP get foiled when her deputy is been given the credit for the success of the mission by Comm. Anshuman.

In her bid to get due for her work, she plans to bust another Hawala racket by deploying Netra to love Shantanu (Rajeev) who is a partner of Sattu (Deshpande). Shantanu is in brink with closing one deal for current minister through Hawala and ACP Soumya wants to get the proofs for this deal for Opposition so that she could be promoted to Commissioner.

The climax of the web series is to watch out for. Will ACP Soumya get the proofs? Will Netra leave her boyfriend and love Shantanu? Will the Pravin Tambe know about the affair of her wife? For all this you need to watch the series.

Hundred Web series – Performances

The whole series is been carried jointly on the shoulders of Lara Datta and Rinku Rajguru. They get the maximum screen time in the show. And they don’t disappoint you with their performances. Lara as an ACP is good but she seems a bit older as a secret lover to Wahi. Rinku Rajguru as Netra is believable and top-notch. Not even once you think that the performance is bland. Another character I liked is Shantanu by Rajeev Siddhartha who is really natural.

Hundred Web Series – Opinion

The show comprises of 8 episodes with running time of 35 minutes each. The series is all about how these two woman uses each other for their own benefit. I found the show is fast-paced and introduces its characters quickly. Lara Datta’s voice has been used for narration in the show.

The show is a time watch as it has very limited use of cuss word as compared to other crime thriller shows streaming now. If you are the one who likes dark and suspense thrillers then give this show a miss.

Hundred web series – Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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