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I am sure you will all be astonished to see this title and would have definitely thought that how can such a pandemic be boon. The author has gone insane even mentioning Is Covid 19 – Boon or Bane ?

Yes, Covid 19 has definitely put the whole human race on a back foot. Not only it has created a whammy on the economy but also hindered the world morally with more than 200 thousand deaths all over.

The unexpected situation like this has not only made us to think about our capabilities but also taught us to adapt to the situation. Every coin has two sides and even in this situation this phrase applies too. So my question goes again is COVID 19 – Boon or Bane?

Why Covid 19 is Bad?

As I said, 2 lakhs lives have gone due to this deadly contagion. But you can never put the cost to the lives of people. Now coming to the figures, it is expected by analysts and economists that during this pandemic, there could be a loss of Rs. 10 lakh crore alone for India.

Difficulty of survival

For people who are working from home and having white collared jobs might have hit in their salaries but still they will be able to manage their expense. Think about daily wage earners like plumbers, carpenters, cobbler etc. During this lockdown their means of survival has been stopped. Those who receive the assistance of government are lucky but those who missed are in the edge of mortality.

Students Learning

An another lot who has affected is students. Whether these students are in elementary or in college or awaiting for their examinations. They have been affected largely as not only they have to adapt new method of online learning but also avoid playing outside for obvious reasons.

Whats Good ?

With such a situation you cant say that it is good but then you have to see the positive side of this pandemic. So whats positive in this situation?

Better environment

Covid 19 has brought the world to a standstill helping the environment much needed recovery. I guess somewhat this is the nature’s plan of getting revenge from humans who didnt pay any heed for the betterment of atmoshphere.

Nature’s view

One thing that we got to experience in this lockdown is we need to slow down. Many species of animals which were unnoticed has been observed in streets. Dolphins have been spotted near the shores. Deers roaming freely in roads and many more examples. One thing that we need now is to change the perspective and the way we treat the animals. Mother nature has reminded us that this earth not only belongs to humans but other species too.

Availability of Time

Before Covid19 (B.Cov), all of us would have enough reasons to not stay in touch because of busy schedule and work loads. But with WFH culture and lack of sales for business, we could spare some time for our near ones. One of my experience is I got time to play games with my daughter like Tambola, Carrom, Dumb Charade,etc. I am sure you guys would be doing such things

Investment on Self

When the word investment comes, everyone thinks about money but this lockdown has made me realized to invest on oneself. Invest time on oneself, invest on health, invest on skill that needs to be acquired, invest on degree, etc. Dont you think so this is a golden opportunity to invest in order to improve oneself.

Now Decide whether is COVID 19 – Boon or Bane?

It is said that every adversity brings with it an opportunity. Therefore it is upto an individual how he perceive this situation. I feel Coronavirus has made our life upside down just to realize that we need to think about others and use our resources wisely. It has also taught me that we can still lead a simple life without the outside clamour.

What do you think? Is Covid 19 boon or bane?. Do let me know. I will publish the story of you guys in this blog?

This article how we can change our perspective towards COVID 19
Is Covid 19 – Boon or Bane?

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