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Today I am writing to solve one of the most common problem we guys face in our laptop while we attend meetings and suddenly you experience”laptop sound not working”.

Yes, this has happend even with me where I had to attend one POSH meeting and suddenly my speaker and mic both stopped working and I have to break from the call.

However I checked with my IT guy and he took control from me and did some changes post which speaker started working but Mic was still a problem. We decided to solve this tomorrow as solving speaker problem took us some time.

However I will share some tips whenever you face such problem and you cant reach to the IT guy for solving this.

Steps to solve “Laptop sound not working”

Always check Speaker and Volume setting

The moment you face the problem of laptop sound, then go and check the sound setting by right clicking at the bottom right corner of your PC/Laptop.

speaker 1

Check whether the volume of the speaker is full or not turned off. If turned off then please turn on

speaker 2
Master volume is full here

If this is alright then you should trouble shoot the speaker setting which will indicate the problem with the speaker

Laptop Sound Not working

Troubleshooter will inform either the drivers are outdated, or there is some problem. If the drivers are outdated, then click on the same and it will ask you to check drivers online

On clicking the online drivers, you will be automatically redirected to support site of manufacturer/vendor and you can download the driver from them.

Once updated, restart the PC and check it out. Your speaker should work now.

Next Step – Laptop Sound not working

After 1st step, if you still face the problem of sound then you need to follow this step

Click on start>type Device Manager> click enter

You will be directed to the below page

speakers 5

Expand the Sound, Video and game controllers option

You will get to see the speaker name. Right click on that and speaker and click on update driver

image 2

Once you have clicked on that, it will again ask for Search online for driver. see the screen below, click on it and install the driver. After installation, restart the laptop and check the sound. It should be working.

image 4

Step No 3. Laptop Sound not working

If your problem persists even after above step, then do the following

Click on Start and type run.

On run promt, type services.msc.

speakers 6

After you click on this, select Windows Audio Endpoint Builder and right click on it . And click on Restart the button. The audio should restart. Restart the PC and check if this works

image 5

Next Step – Laptop Sound not working

Even if none of the above works, then you should go to device manager again, click on Sound, Video and Game controllers. Expand this section and right click on the speaker mentioned and uninstall the device.

This will uninstall the driver of the speaker. Check out the screen below.

image 8

Once this is done, then restart your PC. The laptop automatically detects the driver and on restart the sound should work. Mine worked this yesterday

Next Step – Laptop Sound not working

If none of the above steps work, then I guess the sound card of the laptop is degenerated or there is some hardware issue. This time you definitely need to show the technician or IT guy who could help you with this.

Let me know if any of these things workout for you in case of emergency

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