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This is my first web series review. Usually I don’t watch online series but the trailer of this series ” Never Kiss your Best Friend ” intrigued me and after watching 1st episode, I felt like completing the whole series very quickly.


So coming back to the review, this web series is streaming in Zee5. The protagonist of this series are two characters Tanie Brar (Anya Singh) and Sumer Dhillon (Nakuul Mehta). Further to inform you that this series is a remake of one of the best seller novel with the same title “Never Kiss your Best friend” authored by Sumrit Shahi


The first scene of the series is Tanie enjoying in the PUB where she accicentally meets Sumer. From there onwards the story moves back and forth. The story is in the backdrop of London where Tanie stays with her punjabi family comprising of her mother played by Niki Aneja and father Vivek Mushran. However Dhillon family are the new neighbors of Brar family.

Sumer and Tanie become best friends sharing all their secrets including meeting their partners. Sumer was interested in film direction whereas Tanie was good in studies. The story moves from their friendship to how they support each other during their breakups and low moments and how they fight with each other with vows to never talk to each other only to realise that they cant live without each other. The plot also shows off the drugs and emotional angle but that is passable. I forgot to mention that time and again Tanie speaks to the audience in some situations which adds a humor element a bit.

The script is very common and not that we have not seen before but what makes this series watchable is the onscreen pairing of both the main leads. Both Nakuul and Tanie delivers their top notch performance and make you believe the Sumer and Tanie respectively. Special mention for Niki Aneja who is fantabulous as a showoff punjabi mother. Vivek Mushran and Rituraj (Sumer’s overimposing father) were ok.

The background score of the series is good with couple of songs sung by Armaan Malik. Pace of series is slow. There are 10 episodes of around 20 minutes each excluding 2 minutes of introduction.


RecommendationNever kiss your best friend

Never kiss your best friend is surely going to entertain millennial. I would recommend to watch this series to only those who love to watch love stories minus emotional drama. For those who are interested in dark thrillers, this series is strict. no

Star Ratings

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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