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Today I am going to review the show Paatal Lok which is an Amazon Prime web series. The series is streaming in Amazon Prime since 15th May.

Paatal Lok – Starcast

Jaideep Ahlawat, Ishwak Singh, Neeraj Kabi, Abhishek Banerjje, Gul Panag, Lyra Dutt, Swastika Mukherjee

Duration- 9 episodes of 45 minutes each

Director- Prosit Roy, Avinash Arun

The Plot

The Amazon Prime Web series starts where Dehi Police nabs 4 people tipped to assassinate the famous journalist Sanjeev Mehra (Kabi). Out of the 4, one is the dreaded killer from Chitrakoot i.e. Vishal aka Hathoda Tyagi (Banerjee).

The case is handed over to officer HathiRam Chaudhary ( Ahlawat) who is seriously looking for his promotion and this case is the chance for his rise. Accompanying him is the new rookie Ansari (Singh) who is also appearing for his IAS examinations.

As this was a high profile case, it was informed Chaudhary to keep the information as secret as possible. But some or the time his attempt to keep the information secret iss foiled. He follows the link he gets from the initial investigation, goes to Chitrakoot to dig more about the Tyagi only to find out that he was a brilliant national sports player. Family circumstances and land disputes lead him to be a crime.

On the other hand, Mehra is asked to leave the news channel but he is reluctant to do so. Mehra is disgruntled with this and finds solace in one of the assistant Sara Mathews (Dutt). But he doesn’t lose the battle and instead, he starts blackmailing the owner and joins hand with one of the sting operation convicts who buys the news channels and makes Mehra the partner.

As details of this high profile case go in the news time and again, it is decided the case to be handed over to CBI from Delhi Police. CBI on its investigation links the case with the ISI angle and files the Chargesheet. One of the guys arrested is Muslim and is killed in the jail due to ISI connect mentioned by the CBI.

Hathi Ram is suspended for this news leakage and is exasperated by this decision. However, he feels that CBI is following the case in the wrong direction. He still pursues the links during suspension where he gets to know the real motive of killing of a senior journalist.

So What’s the reason to assassinate the journalist? Is this killing is a part of a bigger plan or just to create a furore in the political capital of the country? Or Chitrakoot has some connection with the journalist? Watch it yourself to know.

amazon prime web series


The series is edited very well and nowhere you feel the story loses its heat. I would say the maximum screen time is allotted to Ahlawat and he doesn’t disappoint you. He displays the right emotions at the required time whether be a disgruntled employee, a loving father of a rebellious teenage son, a tender husband to his wife (played by Gul Panag), or a senior to an amateur.

Another great performance comes from Abhishek Banerjee as Hathoda Tyagi. Banerjee has been given the least words to say but has nailed this role where most of his eyes do the talking. Neeraj Kabi as a journalist perfectly suits the role and does his part to perfection.


This amazon prime web series is intriguing enough to tell you the dark secrets of politics, news media, and police links. How each link unfurls the motive just like the skin comes out of the onion. How people for their selfish motives use the secrets/information. In my opinion, the show is a must-watch for people who like to see political drama and twists associated with it. The screenplay and story are well developed along with solid acting by the cast.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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