Book Review

Book Review – Wish I could Tell you by Durjoy Datta latest book- Must read

Introduction Welcome to my page and today I am going to review the Famous author Durjoy Datta latest book titled “Wish I Could Tell You” About the Author Durjoy is an Indian Author whose writes mostly related to love genre and most of his works are best selling novels. He is very famous among teen […]


Is LIC the best Insurer for you?

if you ask one general question to any Indian whether they have taken an insurance and the answer would be “Haan, LIC liya hai maine, the best insurer in India?”


Is the Anti malarial vaccine the answer to Coronavirus?

Well, from last 3 weeks the world is fighting against the novel Sars2-Covid19 (better known as Coronavirus) disease. Is anti malarial drugs answer to this Coronavirus vaccine ? Lets check it out. While US president Trump is advocating usage of two drugs namely chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for treatment of Covid 19 but US FDA has […]


Compounding Time

Everyone knows about the power of compounding interest in real life and the gains it gives you financially. But have anyone thought about the compounding the most important resource in our life which is irreversible if wasted and that resource is “TIME”


Never Kiss your Best friend – Zee5 Web series Review

Hi Friends This is my first web series review. Usually I don’t watch online series but the trailer of this series ” Never Kiss your Best Friend ” intrigued me and after watching 1st episode, I felt like completing the whole series very quickly. Introduction So coming back to the review, this web series is […]


Arunachal Pradesh – A Paradise Unexplored

Do you know which state of India receives the first rays of the sun? Do you know the Indian state where you require special permit to visit? Can you answer the largest state of seven sisters in North east region? Before you need to google these answers, the answer is Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh, also […]