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Review of the latest webseries "Special Ops" streaming in Disney Hotstar.
Special Ops Review

Welcome to my blog and I present to you the review of another webseries which is getting applauded from many well known celebrities. Yes, I am talking about Special OPS review which is currently streaming in Disney Hotstar.


The webseries is directed by one of my favourite director Neeraj Pandey. I guess Neeraj Pandey has got exclusive license to direct fantabulous espionage thriller. First it was “A Wednesday”, “Baby” and now “Special OPS”. Also one can not forget “Special 26” movie which was another gem from the director’s repertoire.

The cast comprises of K.K.Menon as the main protagonist of the webseries which revolves around probable attack in Delhi. So here I go with the Special OPS Review


Story starts when Mr. Himmat Singh (Menon), a senior officer in R&AW, is interrogated by two members of Audit committee for a lavish amount spent without any explanation by his department. Himmat Singh explains his story which starts from 2001 Delhi parliament attack. The investigation reports 5 people involved in the attack but Himmat Singh concludes that there were 6 person involved and 6th person was within the premises of Parliament during the attack.He could find the name of 6th person as Ikhlaq khan but all that seems to be theory to the whole ministry and investigators.

Himmat Singh has his special 5 agents Farooq (Karan Tacker), Juhi (Saiyemi kher), Ruhani (Meher Vij), Bala (Vipul Gupta) and Avinash (Muzammil Ibraham) which were spread in Asia. To accompany Menon is also involved police office Abbas Sheikh (Vinay Pathak-Bheja fry fame). Farooq is a spy agent who spies and his network gets to know through people and meets Hafiz (Sajjad Delafrooz- Tiger Zinda hai fame). Further it is known that Ikhlaq khan is above Hafiz hence Farooq does whatever he needs to do to impress Hafiz in order to meet Ikhlaq Khan.

The story revolves around the planning to nab or kill Ikhlaq khan and also to save Delhi from the attack. But will the team save the attack? Will Himmat Singh who knew nothing about Ikhlaq Khan except a name find him? Does Ikhlaq Khan exists or is it a theory?


For performance, Kay Kay Menon as the lead protagonist has done fine job. He is a veteran so it was expected of him to be at his top notch. Karen Tacker is at its best. Infact after Kay Kay Menon, Karen has got the maximum screen space. But the surprise package of the series was Saddaq Delafrooz who played the character with ease and make you believe Hafiz. Vinay Pathak was good as well.

Whats Good?

Story is good, performance is good by the cast. Good background score to match the scenes.

Whats Bad?

A R&AW agent managing the team from his office without any field action is still not believable. The show could have edited well and managed well with 6 episodes but dragged to 8 episodes.


I would definitely recommend this show who love action and spy thrillers. In order to save you from embarrassment, please don’t watch this with your kids because there are special words mentioned in every episode.

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