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Top 5 Motivational books to read will help those who require self help and want to improve
Top 5 Motivational Books to Read

The world is under quarantine during this Covid-19 crisis and as business is also moving towards downward spiral, we often hear news which is not only heartbreaking but dreadful too.

But as the saying goes “There is always a silver lining during the dark clouds” so I assume that this period too shall go and we will be back with more vigour, zeal and enthusiasm.

However in this present time not only it is difficult to stay at home but it is equally tough to focus on work (especially guys working from home).

But hey isn’t there an opportunity in every adversity? I am one of them who sees challenge as a chance to improve myself. So I would suggest, guys, let’s take this situation as an opportunity to improve on those things which you always thought to do.

What to do ??

While someone may have thought to improve health and start exercise, someone would have thought to improve communication skill, others might have thought to enroll for some course,etc. So there are lot of things to do and that too within the confinement of our homes.

I would say whatever your goal of improvement is, pursue and accomplish it. However I would suggest that during this times, reading books would be ideal thing to do. Not only it helps us to pass the time but it improves the concentration and vocabulary.

So which are the top 5 motivational books?

Read those books/genre which you feel like reading. It could be romance, thriller, suspense, horror, etc. The idea here is that books are indeed our best friends.

However I would suggest these 5 Motivational books to everybody in these times which are very useful for self improvement and motivation.

The 7 Habits of Effective People

Authored by Stephen Covey, this book is a great read. It explains us the 7 qualities that helps us to improve our attitude towards our work and life. The book describes timeless principle which are effective in changing the person’s perspective.

You Can Win

This gem is one of the self help books which gives you the tools for being successful. Written by Indian author Mr.Shiv Khera, this book guides you to make an action plan for your goals and describe the principles to achieve those goals. The book has a tagline of “Winners dont do different things, they do things differently”

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

This story is fable about a high profile lawyer who suffers from heart attach and how this situation forces him to adopt ancient lifestyle which teaches him the virtues of balance, discipline, relationship and joy. This is written by the motivational speaker Mr. Robin Sharma and is one of the best seller of all time.

Who will cry when you will Die

The book is another gem from same Mr. Robin Sharma. The book is about a guy called Morice who is on his death bed and seems to be sad over his death. But the book teaches that we are not dead when we leave our body but dead when we chose sorrow over joy, stress over relax, sad over happy. This one shows how to be at peace at small unplanned things.

Think and Grow Rich

This all time classic book is written by Napoleon Hill is a must in the list of motivational books. Though the book is written in 1937 but the teachings of this book are still valid. It explains that one can become/achieve whatever his mind thinks is possible. It explains us how various skills, emotions, knowledge and thoughts influence us in achieving or losing in life

Do let me know your comments when you read any of these Top 5 motivational books.

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