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What is SEO?

Introduction- “What is SEO?”

One word which we hear most frequent in the digital world is SEO? If page is SEO friendly, then we will increase our website traffic? Every digital marketer will tell you how importance is to have the page SEO friendly to drive organic traffic. But what is SEO? That’s the million dollar question.

What is SEO?

The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. I know this is very technical and boring term so in a layman’s language Search Engine optimisation (SEO) is nothing but optimising your page for search engine. HAHA! I just rearranged the SEO abbrevation. But to say EO is nothing but making your page adaptable in such a way that Search Engines can read and index it and present it to the user who asks/queries for some information.

Now what is this Search Engine?

I am sure all of us have visited Google once and searched/put queries for some or the other thing. Now is nothing but a Search engine. These search engines have robots known as spiders who crawl through your website and collect information about the page like titles, keywords, page speeds,etc.

I will bore you now with the Technical definition of Search Engine

“A program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web”

Doesn’t google do all this? Yes it does. So leave the technical definition now and understand that is one of the search engines in the market. Another examples of Search engines are Bing, Yahoo search, Yandex, etc. But Google is the search giant and I can say 90-95% of search is done in Google.

So how does SEO works?

SEO basically empowers your website in such a manner so that it improves your website/page presence in search engines. People search solutions for their problems/ requirements while searching in Internet. When these people search for their queries, Google or Yahoo, try to provide the most relevant and accurate solution to the users.

To ensure these Search engine websites display the websites/pages, SEO strategise your pages to achieve its goal of visibility. This will further enhance your traffic and business.

What are the Tools for SEO?

There are various tools for SEO which enhances the pages probability to appear in searches.

  1. Keywords – SEO asks to select and insert the keyword in the article
  2. Frequency of keyword – To help search engines tag the keywords
  3. Readability – Assist the author of page to make the page readable and simple
  4. Image attachment – TO guide author to include Images relevant to the topic to attract the visitors. Articles with Image are 50% more likely to be visited.
  5. Using of Power words- SEO assists the authors to use of power words . Also use of positive words to help users to attract to visit.
  6. Title and links- Suggest title variations so that it can allow visitors to pull towards the articles
  7. Links- Outbound and inbound links to the pages
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What is SEO? Tools of SEO

Methods of SEO

There are basically 2 types of SEO strategies

  1. Onpage SEO – Like using SEO strategies and tools in a live website/page. Examples are selecting keywords, using of keywords in the page, length of the articles, images .
  2. Off Page SEO – Offpage SEO means using SEO tools outside your website. Example of off page SEO is writing a guestpost and linking that post with your page. Linking your page with other big brands page is another type of Off page SEO.

Best SEO apps available

There are lot of tools available in the market to help you achieve your purpose. Below are some of them which are listed. However I have numbered them as per my own convenience without relevance to any usage/demand

  • Google Keyword planner
  • SEMRush
  • RankMath
  • Yoast SEO
  • WooRank

I hope you got some information about SEO and you wont type again in Google what is SEO?

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