Which fictional character you resemble. Beautiful and enjoyable

I am sure many of us love watching movies and reading books and during their experience everyone would have thought that this character is some what like me. So I would like to put a question forward to you. Which fictional character you resemble the most?

I am big Bollywood buff and watch those movies which many of them would not have even heard of? Not only movies but I read a lot of stuff too so as per my experiences with it, I think i mostly resemble with…

None other than Aditya Kashyap of movie “Jab We Met”.

fictional character you resemble,

Yes, I think this is the character which resemble the most. Also I found Aditya Kashyap as one of the most adorable character. There are so many reasons that I find this character so close to my personality.

Reason no 1 – Depressed and under confident

shahid 4 1

Despite being a millionaire, Aditya was depressed just because his girlfriend has dumped him. Also he was disturbed by the new channels about his mother and this took a toll on him. Maybe he left all his belongings and left to a place which even he dont know.

I too was some what like him in my early 20’s who used to get influence by others very quickly. Giving too much importance on someone’s comments/views. Quitting too early if I couldn’t achieve it or win it.

Reason no 2. – Longing for love


Aditya got the support from Geet and she taught him the meaning of life. She did some crazy things which made him realised that life is not that bad after all. Sometimes its OK to do crazy things. You dont need to be practicall all the time.

I too experienced a similar thing after my marriage. My wife has shown me to stand for my opinion whether wrong or right.

Reason no 3 – Aditya proves his mettle.

shaid 3 2

Not only Aditya goes back to his life but passionately pursue his business. He suceeds in business but also follow his passion of playing guitar. Earn a niche for himself in the business community.

I was very mediocre in my approach towards life. After the support from my dear ones, I committed to myself in passing my Chartered Accountant exam. Infact I was advised by my friends to not enroll as it was too late for age to be enrolled. I was undeterred. Not only I passed but landed up with a wonderful job.

Reason no 4 – Aditya Loved unconditionally

shahid 5

Aditya knew that Geet didnt loved him but still he was always there to support her. He went all out to search after her missing news. He tried all his best efforts to make Geet normal who was depressed now after the person for whom she eloped has loved has ditched her .

Friends, I too believed that Love should be an unconditional one. If someone loves you and you love too then its good. If someone doesn’t then be his/her well wisher and try to help your love.

So in the article fictional character you resemble, I think Aditya Kashyap is someone who is so close to my heart.

What’s your thought? You guys too had thought while watching movies/show or reading books and it had hit on you that “hey,this is me”. So let me know which fictional character you resemble the most in the comments section.

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