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Writer Interview- Jamais Vu ! Great

Welcome friends to the new writer interview and we have a very talented guest who is the author of the book “Jamais Vu”

Jamais Vu

He is none other than Master Subhajit Ghosh. Born in 2002, Subhajit is one of the famous budding author of this decade. He is still a student but his passion for literature has made him write the book “Jamais Vu” available in Amazon.

Being so young, he has a great connect with the youth and readers often feel lost reading his books. Just to explain you that “Jamais Vu” is a french term which means never seen.

Lets quickly start the writer interview with Master Subhajit Ghosh with some interesting question.

Q1. Usually people say that writing profession requires a mature and calm mind but you seem to prove wrong to the general notion?

A. Actually these are the stereotypes, like how an author should be, which people have in their mindset. A writer should be mature not by age but by his / her knowledge. And as far as calm mind is concerned, I do meditate regularly.       

Q2.Why choose crime as a genre for your first book? Why not other genre?

A.Before I started writing, actually I hadn’t thought specifically about any genre, where to contribute.  But I knew that I do have potential in penning crime, mystery, Thriller and horror fiction.

Q3.How do you come up with names for your characters?

A. The characters like protagonist and antagonist are random but the victims present in my Novel are personalities present in real life; whom I want to eliminate from my life.

Q4.What do you hope readers take away from your book “Jamais Vu”?

A.I really want readers to take away the moral which they will get while reading the last chapter of my novel.

Q5.Do you like audiobooks, physical books, or e-books better? Why?

A.I really like reading physical books because it gives you the feel that you are actually devoting yourself into something…

Q6. Who is your favorite author and Why?

A.‘Herman Melville’ the author of Moby Dick is my favourite author because it’s a rewarding read , and also I am eloquent in that style of writing.

Q7. Apart from writing books, what Master Subhajit is passionate about?

A.I am passionate about riding mountain bikes, the last tour of mine before lockdown was of 140 kms                    

Q8. What is your favorite time to write, and why? Do you prefer writing in night or early morning?

A.Actually I write on a daily basis, but the time is not specified.  It’s all about mood. But I prefer writing in dark and silent environment.

Q9.What’s next in your pipeline?

A.“The destitute Bloke” – A Novel 

Q10. Which book you are reading now?

A. Actually I just finished reading one of the most simplest book I have ever read “Aggregate 50” by co-author Surshismita Pradhan. I know her, she is a very polite and courteous woman.

Q11. Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?

A.I never felt that because I think writing is just like painting; where you have to pen down your own emotions. If someone is coercing through this problem then I will suggest him/ her to write for own;  never write anything to impress just express yourself. Actually English is a nuanced language with not clearly defined rules. Sorry for those who loves grammer.        

So that’s it from Master Subhajit and thanks for contributing. I am going to grab the copy of this crime thriller story “Jamais Vu” but in case you require yours , then purchase it from Amazon. Check out the below links.

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