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Writer Interview- Awesome Read

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Welcome to my blog and today we have one writer interview who is the new guest in our blog.

Writer Interview

Yes, we have none other than Mrs. Manali Desai, author of 4 lovely books. Manali, who herself is an MBA and MA in Literature. She has previously taught English but writing was her passion.

Currently a freelance writer and a blogger, Manali is a regular contributor to various national as well as international blogs and webzines and alongside these, even runs her own blog named as “A Rustic Mind”.

An editor, teacher, blogger and freelance writer, Manali has donned many hats in her career. So lets quickly start our writer interview with the woman who is multi-talented and multi-tasker.

Q1. Even after completing Masters in Business, you chose to write and become an author. So what made you take this decision?

A.The job I landed in after my MBA wasn’t something I was cut out for. That entire year was kind of a self-discovery as I realized what I truly needed to do in life. Hence, the decision to take up MA in English literature and then becoming a writer followed.

Q2. Going by the trend, is self publishing taking over the reins from traditional publishing? What’s your view?

A. Self-publishing and traditional publishing both have their own set of pros and cons. Having published under both types I can say that one can choose as per their discretion and requirements.

Q3.What is your inspiration to write the book? You pick real life stories or a thought process goes behind to develop a story?

A.I generally pick on real-life stories with my own flavour of fiction added to them.

Q4. Do you think authors should have a blog?

A.Probably not a full-fledged blog per se but having an online presence is surely a booster when it comes to spreading awareness about your work and books in this day and age.

Q5. Which is your favourite book to read and why? Own book not allowed?

There are a few books I go back to every now and then. These include

  • The Harry Potter series
  • The Godfather
  • Midnight’s Children

I read all these books at different stages of my life and they taught me some life-lessons back then. I go back to them to now read them as a writer and learn about writing rather than enjoying them as a reader.

Q6. Do you think being writer has helped you as a person?

A.I’m not sure, but it has definitely helped me become more confident in my work.

Q7.Some prefer writing on weekends while some late night. What’s your schedule?

A.I write every day, professional writing happens during the day and journaling or hobby writing happens post dinner.

Q8. One person who had inspired you and is been regarded highly by you?

A. I’m inspired by people around me rather than well-known personalities. Right from my parents, to my friends and the people I meet every day, I learn from them and take inspiration from their achievements, successes, failures and habits.

Q9.What next in the pipeline?

A. A collection of short-stories and a non-fiction book

Q10. What are you currently reading?

A.The Black Dwarves of the Good Little Bay by Varun Thomas Mathew and it is blowing my mind as to how relevant it is to the current times that we are living in.

So here our writer interview gets concluded with some awesome answers from the author herself.Thank you very much Mrs. Desai for your lovely contribution.

Hey guys how did you find this writer interview just mention it in the comments section.

Guys I am surely going to buy one of the books of Mrs. Manali. If you guys wanna buy Manali Desai’s books then below are the links and the cover page of it. You can also get in touch with Mrs. Manali Desai at [email protected]

  1. A Rustic Mind – Available in
  2. The Untold Stories- Available in
  3. Ten Tales – Available in
  4. Zista – Available in
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