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Hey friends, let’s check out the simple yoga at home for beginners which can be done at home within 30 minutes. This will surely help us to stay fit in this quarantine stay at home.

But why Yoga?

In today’s hectic lifestyle we have become so materialistic that we have forgotten to lead a simple life. Our mind which should be our assistant has become our master. As a result, it is challenging to exercise control of our minds. In such a situation Yoga has become the new mantra for changing our lifestyle.

Yoga is not merely doing asanas/exercise but a type of meditation. Not only yoga helps in controlling the mind but it also trains the mind to focus in the right direction. There are many stages of Yoga but this article only deals with Yoga for beginners and hence kept simple.

Yoga at home for Beginners- Asanas

Yoga at home for beginners

Technique – Bend the legs at the knees and place the heels under buttocks. Support the whole body on knees and ankles. Stretch the arms and place the palms on the knees as shown in the picture. Keep the knees close by. Sit erect without bending the spine or shoulder. Hold this position for some time. Initially one might experience pain in knees and heels but this will disappear with time.


  1. Helps digestion and eliminates gas trouble
  2. Regular practice of this asana relieves the pain of knees, feet, and thighs
  3. Another benefit of this asana is it increases white blood corpuscles.
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Ardha Pavanamuktasana


Lie Flat and keep the heels of both legs together. Inhale deply and bend the right knee towards the stomach and hold it with both hands. Hold the head and try to touch the chin to the knee cap. Exhale till the right leg is up and stomach pressed. Inhale after putting the right leg down. Perform this asana for left leg also.


  1. It helps to get rid of natural gases.
  2. It reduces the obesity of the body and fat around the belly.
  3. Regular practice of this asana cures constipation, blood impurities, intestinal worms and lungs

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Ekapada Uttanasana


Lie flat on back and keep the arms in side.Inhale slowly and lift one of the leg. hold the breath and maintain this position for 5 to 6 seconds initially. Slowly put the leg down and exhale. Follow this step for another leg. After regular practice, increase the time of this asana practice.


  1. This asana tones up the liver, spleen and kidneys.
  2. Removes swelling in the legs, tones up the blood circulation in legs and relieves pain in knees.
  3. It cures intestinal disorders and gas troubles.
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Bhujanga means serpent. This asana imitates the position of Cobra


Lie flat with face downwards. Place the palm on the ground underneath the shoulders. Inhale and slowly raise the head and body till waist. Stretch the feet so that toes touch the ground. While performing this asana you will feel strain/stretch in the abdomen. Hold the breath and hold this position for 6 to 8 seconds initially. After that bring the trunk down and exhale slowly.


  1. This asana removes spinal pain and disorders
  2. This asana pushes waste matter to the anus and cures constipation
  3. It develops the chest, neck and other parts of head.
  4. It makes the body shapely.
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Ardha Shalabasana

Shalabha in sanskrit word for locust. While performing this position the body assumes posture of locust.


Lie flat on the stomach and stretch the arms beside the body. Inhale and retain the breath. Pull one of the legs by at least 30 cms off the ground. Hold this position for five to thirty seconds. Slowly bring down the leg and exhale. Repeat this exercise with the other leg.


  1. Shalabhasna develops the lower part of the body.
  2. Reduces excess fats formed around the knees, thighs, waist, and abdomen.
  3. The practice of asana counter tendencies to piles.
Yoga for beginners

Stand erect. Keep some gap between the feet. Raise your hands and bend forward at the waist. Make sure legs should not bend at knees. Also, don’t bend your arms from elbow while doing asana . Try to touch the feet initially. The 2nd position picture should be done under supervision.


  1. Regular practice of this asana improves body posture.
  2. Rectifies unevenness in the length of the leg due to fracture.
  3. Removes the superfluous fat from the body.

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Trikonasana (no 2)


Stand erect and keep a distance of about 75 cms between the feet. Bend the trunk to the left side and touch the left toes with the left hand. Stretch the right arm upwards and straighten it. Keep the eyes fixed on the right arm. Check out the image


  1. The practice of this asana relieves the stiffness of the neck
  2. It alleviates the pain in joints of neck and shoulders.
  3. It makes the spine flexible and is also beneficial for eyes
Shavasan – The Final asana

This asana is called as Mrutasna. This is very useful for meditation. This asana should be performed at the end as this asana relaxes the body parts after performing the asanas. The asana is simple to perform and is also a remedy for various psychosomatic diseases.


Lie flat on the back. Place hands sideways with palms up. Keep the heels together and toes apart. Relax each and every part of your body from toe to shoulders as if there is no energy in your body. Relax just like how the dead body is kept at the ground. Keep eyes closed and start inhaling and exhaling with a focus in your forehead.

Yoga for beginners


  1. All the body parts are relaxed while performing this asana.
  2. This asana helps to cure diseases such as insomnia, high BP and indigestion
  3. Constant practice of this asana helps one to control anger
  4. One feels refreshing after performing this asana.

So these are the asanas that can be performed by even the beginner. I would recommend that you don’t exert oneself for performing the activity to achieve perfection. One will achieve perfection gradually by performing this asana consistently. Yoga at home for beginners’ article is definitely for those who haven’t tried yogasana before in their life.

Courtesy – All the images above are clicked through Camscanner from the book I read called “Yogasana and pranayama for health” by Dr. P. D. Sharma which is available in all online stores. The technique and advantages too are mentioned are taken from the book.

Disclaimer- The asanas mentioned above and its advantages are taken from the book mentioned and are the opinion of Dr. P. D. Sharma. The benefits mentioned in the article “Yoga for beginners” above might differ from person to person. The author recommends the person trying above asana to consult their physician before starting this yogasana.

Let me know how did you find this article “Yoga at home for beginners” in comments.

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